domingo, abril 24, 2005



quedan cinco semanas más de escuela. the things that keep me smiling and singing these days:

1. The new Cafe Tacvba 3 CD + DVD set Un Viaje. FANTASTIC.
2. The Andrea Echeverri solo album. Who knows what an amortiguador is?
3. Painting. I'm absolutely obsessed, and my goal for the week is to spend every available minute working on the most difficult piece I've ever done... it's a "commissioned" piece for a friend (read: i'm getting PIZZAID!) based on José Guadalupe Posada's "El jarabe en la ultratumba". I've got all my paintings scanned on Flickr, but for privacy reasons I won't post the site publicly since I use my name to credit my work. Leave your email in a comment and I'll get you linked up if you're interested... most of my stuff is very woodcut-esque and leans heavily on traditional mexican imagery (son jarocho and calaveras to be specific).
4. I'm socializing more these days! Friends and family have been in and out of town and I've started reconnecting with old friends. Now I just need to get on the ball with meeting more new people, and shady guys at shady bars and clubs don't count.
5. The sweet anticipation of the fact that I HAVE TWO MONTHS OF SUMMER OFF!!!

I'd love to see your work if you don't mind sharing. Email me at:

I'm so insanely jealous of you teachers who get summer off. I need to get out of adult ed.
amortiguador- shock absorbers :)
Hang on until summer! Think how worth it it will be! We can do it!
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