miércoles, abril 20, 2005



some stuff i've read recently:
  • M's been having some sexual dreams about her students. before you gag, realize that she teaches adult ESL. i was having a conversation with a teacher friend the other day about being attracted to our students parents. that's particularly sad when you realize, as i did today, that some of your students' parents ARE IN FACT younger than you.

  • we all know i love madhatter. but when one of my students, her sister and her mother told me that her father was incarcerated last night, this post hit closer to home.

  • abigail's teaching tip about using drills is pretty commonly used in secondary grades, but i'm trying to institute it with my little ones. any suggestions from the 1-3 folks that teach elementary?

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    I use them every day in 4th! Language, sentence correction, reading passages, vocabulary, etc. Can you tell I teach language arts? Gosh, what a geek I sound like.
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