miércoles, abril 06, 2005


ese pinche @#$(*&%!

remember the pisser? today he put my sweetest little student's hoodie in a urinal. motherfucker's trying to give me my first gray hair.

on the upside: observation went fine, i didn't even try to fake anything other than being unusually organized. i'll be sure to share all the constructive criticism i receive. tomorrow morning, i submit my list of students that i'm considering for retention and placement*. i've got one and eight, respectively. tomorrow evening, pta meeting. another fun-filled day. but then it's almost friday, almost friday, almost friday... sigh.

*placement: when a student does not meet the grade-level requirements needed in order to be promoted to the next grade, but has achieved enough success to be moved on despite their test scores/academic performance.

I am happy for you! I am glad that your evaluation went well. I am sure you did great. As for the sweater in the urinal...que paso? Do you have a little diablito on your hands?
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