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i was just looking up the spanish word for "addendum" when i discovered that my crazy ass former roommate's last name means "sewer". sweet! she was totally insane, this is gonna entertain me for several days.

  • the ladrona has been put in her place. she promptly met with the asst. principal on thursday morning and 'fessed up. she was then instructed to write a letter of admittance and apology to the owner of the purse, which had to be signed by her parents and turned in to me friday morning. she was also assigned community service! i was feeling good about the resolution until she brought me the letter yesterday morning. ¡la pinche niña echó la culpa a otro niño! i was irate, gave her about five minutes to attempt to explain it to me, told her i KNEW that she was lying, then sent her ass back to the asst. principal. he trotted her back to me fifteen minutes later puffy-eyed and pouty and reprimanded her in front of the purse's owner as well as the kid she tried to pin it on. later that afternoon as she performed community service, i took my behavior problem students outside to watch her sweating in the texas afternoon heat as she picked up trash and raked the schoolyard. learning through example, you know. hey, the other first grade teachers did it, too! i have no problem with lying and stealing students doing a little manual labor and getting reprimanded in front of the rest of the class. this is at least the fourth or fifth time she's stolen something of value and this shit can't continue, it's just can't.

  • back to this e-dating thing, i guess the reason that i am even giving it a shot (besides the obvious desperation motive =P) is because two good friends of mine met these amazing guys online... one them is actually getting married this summer! the other one is probably the best thing that ever happened to my friend, so i can't knock it 'til i try it. eHarmony has a free one-month trial, but i have to admit that i've been a member since february. although i've met some guys that seem mildly interesting, this was the first time that i felt it was actually worth meeting the guy in person. just as in any potential dating forum, there are a lot of people i'm not the least bit interested in. supposedly the system goes to great lengths (the initial personality test takes 40-60 minutes to complete) to match you with compatible people, but i haven't been super impressed. In fact, i'm gonna be a little mean and post something from the profile of a guy that seemed completely incompatible with me. he's a little too humble for my taste:

    The first thing you'll probably notice about David when you meet him:
    The first thing that people notice about is my reserved style. I would like to gather information and make profound statements about situations than to talk without actually saying anything.
    The last book David read and enjoyed:
    The last book that I read and enjoyed is "The Broker" by John Grisham. The book is about a lawyer released from Federal Prison following a midnight pardon and his adventure to return his life to normal with different nations trying to kill him. I liked the suspense nature trying to figure out what he knows and who will get the information first.
    Some additional information David wanted you to know is:
    I am a dog person. I could have joined MENSA, but decided against it because I did not want the added pressure.

    i know, i know, he had you at "profound"! after the grisham and MENSA thing, you must be wondering how i could let a winner like that go. and i'll be honest, he was ugly. =P yeah yeah yeah, i can be a bitch sometimes!

  • i had my summative evaluation thursday. thumbs up all around.

  • anyone have fun ideas for cinco de mayo? i found a couple word finds but other than that, i've got nothing. i figure this is a good opportunity for me to have my kids' parents bring me some homemade mexican food. notice the emphasis on me. my daily gifts have slowed down quite a bit, although yesterday i got one of those fun little wooden fruits with a bug inside who has jiggly legs with an "i love you" sticker on top. funny how i already had one.

  • i've got a couple new links over there on the left side. my girls at siempre a las carreras and la nueva maestra have finally updated! (insert jaw drop here). i added megan awhile back, but check out her post on farts, it's the funniest thing i've seen all week. yeah, i may act 33 but bear in mind i still think monty python is hilarious.

  • my "nap" lasted six hours and now i'm wide awake with nothing to do. breakfast taco run? esta noche echaremos un desmadre en el centro. amor, ¿vas a venir o no? ¡qué tengan un buen fin de semana!

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    How timely. Offspring of mine comes home yesterday with some toys in her bag that are not hers. She took them from school to play with in the afterschool program. (sarcasm) I can't wait a) to narc out my own kid and b) to figure out when, exactly, I gave her the impression that stealing is ok. (/sarcasm)

    Community service sounds good - in our rural, red state district I'm worried it will be suspension. Oy!

    Can't wait to hear how the date went. I'm a long-time lurker on your blog!

    4:38 PM
    I had no idea you could do that!!! You can make the kids work like that? Me estás dando ideas :)
    How fucking crazy is this!!! Remember last time you had the peeing kid on the playground and the next day, one of mine does the same thing? Well, guess what? You have the ladrona in your class, and I had a ladrón today. One of my boys lost his gameboy and, OF COURSE, no one had any idea where it was. So I did the buddy search and it magically appeared in another kid's backpack!
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