martes, abril 05, 2005


give that kid a gold star!

"¡te pareces flaca como un palo, maestra!"

later that comparison turned from a stick to pineapple then pizza, but as long as it's preceded by skinny, i'm okay with it. wish me luck tomorrow! as my mentor stated simply today, they aren't gonna fire me, so what do i have to lose? =)

oooh, had to come back and mention this before bedtime: this CNN article on grading ink color is nothing new if you're a reader of my personal blog (nod in four directions) but the rest of y'all might be entertained. i grade spelling tests and homework with whatever's handy... sometimes red ink, sometimes green marker, sometimes black pen if that's all i've got. but for the revision stage of the writing process i'm all about the red pencils... they're easy to see and they are erasable. if the district would like to supply me with purple pencils, that would be just fine, but i don't think the color red is particularly intimidating, at least not to my six and seven year olds. as i stated in my original post, my thesis advisor always used green and seeing my drafts look like they had been slimed did not make me feel any better about myself. goodnight!

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