jueves, abril 28, 2005



so i went on my first date with my online match man, courtesy of eHarmony. the process through which we met went as follows:

1) eHarmony introductions (read profile, see pictures, see if you're superficially compatible)
2) close-ended questions (what is your ideal date? a. the movies, b. quiet dinner, c. popular dance club, d. opera)
3) must-haves, can't stands (such as "fidelity", "open-mindedness" and "couch potato")
4) open-ended questions (what are the 3 best traits you have to offer a partner? why did you decide to join eHarmony?)
5) open communication (emails through eHarmony)

the open communication led to a few phone calls, which in turn led to tonight's date. we met up for dinner at 8... i saw him standing outside a few minutes beforehand, promptness is always a good thing in this teacher's eyes. he wasn't as cute as he looked in his photos online, but oh well... dinner went fine, conversation was interesting and fun and we actually cracked the same dorky design joke about ten minutes into dinner. afterwards, he offered a few different options if i was feeling up to it, so i decided on a margarita at a bar/restaurant down the street. we ended up staying there for another couple hours... he's a really nice guy, seems very sweet and genuine and funny and had lots of interesting stories to tell. i didn't sense any immediate sparks, but since i'm pretty new to this dating thing i'll definitely stick it out. at the very least, i'll have made a new friend. he said he'd call this weekend and i believe him, so it seems like another date will be in the works for next week. have no fear, i'll keep y'all updated... this is actually MUCH easier than mass emailing =)

Wow, reading this is actually making me think about trying eHarmony. Sounds like a good night. I can't wait to hear how the next date goes (since I don't have any lined up, I have to live vicariously through you). Keep us posted!
Ay caray. Y como se llama tu galan?
since i'm soooo respectful of privacy, we'll go ahead and call him neil... there was an episode of will & grace on last night where will was set up on a blind date with a guy with said name.
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