martes, abril 26, 2005


let's get personal

i'm assuming that since you guys get a kick out of --and sometimes even relate to-- my trials and tribulations as a teacher, you will allow me a bit of self-indulgence in regard to my personal life as it relates to being a teacher:

it is HARD being single in a field that is 95% women. for example, there are five male teachers and/or TAs at my school. FIVE. TOTAL. one is my friend, two are married, and the other two are absolutely out of the question.

i ended a 5-yr long relationship in july then did a long distance thing for a few months before i decided it wasn't worth the time or effort. the last few months have been spent in limbo as i've tried to decide whether i'm even emotionally ready to pursue another serious relationship right now. yadda yadda yadda. now i do go out quite often, but usually to the same shows & places with the same people, and as i've lost track of my crazy college friends (and gotten used to my early to bed, early to rise teacher schedule) it's gotten harder to meet new people that have the same interests as me... particularly, as you may have ascertained by now, new MEN.

so after a happy hour with some high school teachers, i was convinced to check out eHarmony. yes, online dating is cheesy and no, i've never done it before, but my new friend's logic was that it was no shadier than randomly meeting guys at bars, and at least i would know that these online dudes were interested in pursuing meaningful relationships. so after an interesting free one-month trial, i decided to blow a small wad of cash on a 3-month membership. for awhile nothing panned out, but VOILA, lo and behold, la maestra has HER FIRST ONLINE DATING SERVICE DATE!

rest assured, friends and loyal readers, i will keep you updated. it goes down on thursday. wish me luck.

where are you going?
Wow, I can totally relate to this post! It sucks hard being a teacher and single (I've got a few years on you, too). And at my school, I'm literally the only young person there; all the rest have retired and moved on to my school as a retirement job!

Please let us know how eHarmony turns out. I have a good friend who decided to try that one too. Granted, she's gorgeous, smart, working on a PhD, etc, and if SHE has a hard time finding men, it's hopeless for me!

Good luck!
Que te vaya bien y que te toque alguien normal :)
OK- esto no tiene nada que ver pero yo en la computadora PC de la escuela veo bien todos los acentos y todo. En la MAC de mi casa no se ven. Estaba pensando en eso ahorita que estaba leyendo. :)
I can totally relate to being a single female elementary school teacher. There is only ONE male teacher in my school - the rest are women (some of whom are nuns). And, like you, I'm on a different schedule from the rest of my non-teacher friends, so it's hard to find time to go out. Good luck with the online dating. I look forward to hearing how it turns out for you!
we're going to dinner. no, DT, you can't come. amor, we have the same crappy computers, you forget this already viejita? y qué madres haces leyendo blogs en la escuela? the rest of y'all will definitely get all the juicy details... i figure at the very least it'll give me some good stories to tell!
I can totally relate to this post too! (Though I am married now thanks to the joys of meeting men online, though it was a book club, not a dating service). I taught HS and there were NO available men. The only unmarrieds were all over 50 and really nasty, though one of the old codgers who was married did make moves on all the ladies. Gag!

Good luck!

Carrie (
Prefiero leer chismes de adultos en tu blog que los chismes de mis chiquillos :) Tengo pesadillas dónde escucho "Maestra...." in that chismoso tone.
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