lunes, abril 18, 2005



i got another student today. i'm at TWENTY-TWO. i think that's the cap, but god knows that if another bilingual kid arrives there's no where else for them to go. this kid is a cubana and her mom's accent totally threw me for a loop, but --shallow as it sounds-- i LOVE the aspiration, love the nasalness, and have been slightly obsessed with Cuban accents ever since i saw Scarface. so it's all good save for the fact that her presence threw off my entire organizational system. i got a new kid two weeks ago and another one back in february. ya basta.

ooh, one more perk to being a bilingual teacher (i really ought to make a complete list soon): moms bring tres leches cake. last week i got fruit and chile (for those of you who have somehow missed this combination, you dip the fruit IN the chile, because plain fruit is freakin' bland, dontcha know?). the week before i got cubic zirconia earrings. i can hardly remember the days when the parents hated me. how quickly good lovin' erases bad memories!

the other day a kid left a plate of half-eaten cake on the floor and i got to pick it up. it was in the hall. does that count as a present? ;) what the hell! who needs high school?!

mm forgot to mention i got a cupcake last week, too. could've gotten another one today, but i was happy with my two large slices of tres leches =P
I adore when my students make tres leches cake for parties we have. They bought one for my birthday last summer. That's one of my favorite things about teaching adult immigrants: I'll never go hungry. Gosh, just thinking about it is making me crave another party!
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