viernes, abril 15, 2005


the spanish lady

this morning i passed by some monolingual first graders on my way to the office. one of them said, "Is that the Spanish lady? That is the Spanish lady!" i talk to these kids in English all the time and they know my name, so i find it quite interesting that despite all that i'm still The Spanish Lady.

i can feel the end of the year swiftly approaching. kids are getting progressively crazier, i am getting increasingly short-tempered, and there's a ton of testing coming up. but alas, it's friday, and i intend to forget about it all until monday.

as a fellow teacher. i can vouch for the fact that they kids are getting loonier as the end of the school year approaches.. their downward spiral of sanity reaches it's apex that last week.. that's what summers are for! best of luck...
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