jueves, mayo 26, 2005


asi, asi

i didn't shed a tear on the last day of school because instead of giving my kids heartfelt goodbyes i had to deal with the mother of the only student in my class who ended up being retained. she feigned total ignorance about his retainment and insisted on seeing the paperwork declaring him as such. once i pointed out the exact text, she threw the report card at her son and announced "no me importa nada si estás reprobado." great attitude, lady.

i'll get into the details of his retainment later. i'm proud to say i cleaned and organized my room almost to the point that i was ready for clearance, save for the fact that my damned aquarium (the guppies just won't die!!!) needs to emptied out somewhere and i need to talk to the custodian about it since it is NOT going home with me. things are pretty ship-shape, all things considered. mad props to my friends that came to help!

la maestra also got her nose pierced last night! we'll call it a quarter-life crisis. i'm doing a tattoo design for a friend and i think i have the itch to get one of those, too. although i'm going to school tomorrow -BRIEFLY- to get clearance and turn in my keys, the summer lovin' begins now... off to meet some bilingual teacher buddies at a bar! wheeeee, it's SUMMER!!!

i know!!! haleluja! i was out of my classroom by 8am. i may have to get my tattoo this summer too...
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