miércoles, mayo 04, 2005



props to carlos for telling me about statcounter. the opposite of props to carlos for turning me into an obsessive and paranoid maniac.

today, someone from my school district read my blog. h, if this is you, PLEASE let me know so i don't proceed to freak the hell out. someone from the u.s. dept. of education also read my blog. these two things are making me unbelievably paranoid. i've never ever EVER used anyone's real name and have tried to keep things that might indicate my location as under the radar as possible... but you never know!

that said, back to what i do best:
each day this week i have woken up progressively later and have been progressively closer to being almost-late for school. i say almost-late because never in my life have i shown up late for a child-related job, not even for my first job at a summer camp where they gave me the godawful opening shift which required me to get there at 5:45 a.m. however, since i refuse to stay late after school anymore, this means that i have no time to clean and organize my room. which in turn means it is a BIG FUCKING DISASTER. my "guided reading" table has turned into a black hole of papers, markers, mexican flags, student work, reading assessments, and pesky little águila, serpiente, and nopal cut-outs. as the kids file in with their homework, they glance at my table where everything is supposed to go, then look at me, then back at the table, then thrust all the papers in my direction. when i insist that they put it on the table, they do a "she's out of her mind" shrug and toss it on top of the mountain of newsprint and construction paper. by lunch i've organized it all into piles, but at the end of the day it's a mess all over again. and my recycling box has been overflowing since monday, don't think i forgot about that.

the pisser was absent today as well as a few other kids. it's amazing how having more than 20 students makes 18 or 19 seem like a walk in the park. my kids were totally on the ball today and we did a kickass ESL letter about Cinco de mayo for the monolingual English classes. i've arranged for my kiddos to read their work to pre-k and kinder classes in the next several days, should be a lot of fun.

in personal news, i was so busy singing to myself in the garage that i slammed my foot directly into the sharpened point of my hedge clippers. yes, it still hurts, but no, it didn't really bleed. i also realized that thanks to several energy-draining events at school tomorrow, it is best that i put off my next eHarmony date, so we've rescheduled for sunday. and megan, you absolutely must buy erasure's greatest hits album as well as any (although i really like the single off the new one) moenia album. it's like spanish pet shop boys or depeche mode, you should dig it.

Does it make me a dork that I got all giddy because I read the shout out to me in this post? Yea, I thought so. I sooooo want to get some of that Spanish music (not to mention the Greatest Hits Erasure disc). Guess who will be shopping tomorrow?!?!

On a totally unrelated note (and to have yet another opportunity to talk about myself), my students loved the pinata I brought to school for them today. Several of my students had never even seen one before! It was so much fun for me to watch their excitement. Plus, the Mexican students thought I was pretty bad-ass for a white chick to know the Cinco de Mayo history. Go white girl!
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