martes, mayo 31, 2005


ay chihuahua

totally unexpectedly, i'm teaching summer school. i got a call from a friend today at 5 pm, talked to the principal at 6, training starts bright and early tomorrow, and the kids come on monday. 5th grade math, bilingual. so it seems la maestra will have PLENTY of things to talk about as her summer is cut from eight weeks to two (four weeks of summer school + two weeks of various first grade trainings). and la artista will still have plenty of time to paint in the afternoons, she'll just have to stop going out late at night and painting until dawn. i subbed for 5th and 6th grade math for a month at my old charter school last year, doing lesson plans and the whole shebang. it was fine, but i'm slightly worried about expressing myself clearly in spanish when it comes to integers, exponents, and god knows what else that is on the TAKS test.

Yeah, I got roped into summer camp, doing language arts tutoring. There goes my summer.

Do you mind if I link you on my site? I finally learned how to set up links! Whoo-hoo!
Yay, I won't be the only one working this summer! How selfish am I? The math will end up being a piece of cake. If I can teach algebra to my Independent Study students and figure out what I'm talking about, you can do this! Granted, I explain the algebra in English, but you can still make stuff up if worse comes to worst. ;)
link away! glad to see plenty of us will have lots of new stories to tell!
That sounds really challenging! What do they learn in 5th grade math?
5th grade math, as outlined by the TAKS, focuses on place value, base-ten counting, fractions, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, measurement, mass, volume, and money. and whatever you call it when you use those four quadrants and coordinate pairs.
WOW. Go, you! I am so impressed with anyone who can teach summer school. It's SO hard in Texas!!
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