martes, mayo 10, 2005



my eHarmony 3-month membership ended today. i closed my account. one guy in three months is just not worth the extra cash. i'll take my chances at shows, bars, etc.

the pisser is suspended. monday he got in a fight at recess, so i made him sit out. once his ass sat down he claimed he had a nosebleed. he didn't. i look over five minutes later and he's gone, so i freaked out and searched the playground and track.. no sight of him. eventually one kid says he's hiding in the bathroom, so i sent two chamacos to go get him. when they didn't come back after five minutes, i had another teacher watch my kids and stormed off to the boys bathroom. i saw my chamacos trying to get underneath a stall to retrieve the little fucker. after a couple minutes of yelling, he came out and claimed he came to the bathroom because his nose was bleeding badly. not a drop of blood on his shirt nor his face. LYING LITTLE FUCKER. so he's suspended. no recess privileges. next mishap is three days of suspension. i like how hardcore my asst. principal is.

i may be working summer school as either a sub or a teacher. totally wasn't planning on it, but my asst. principal and a couple friends will be working together at bilingual/esl summer school and it seems like a sweet deal.

and i'm tired. today was my university mentor's last day. my class is doing a "days left of school" countdown. we're at twelve. what can we learn in twelve days that won't be forgotten over two months of vacation?

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