lunes, mayo 09, 2005



apologies to those that were expecting a post-date update; to make y'all happy, i'm breaking my personal rule by blogging from work (for a good reason NOT to blog from work, go to dooce).

we had dinner at a nice restaurant. i was totally not in the mood to go out and the nap i took left me a little grumpy, but i perked up once i got there. i don't know how i feel about all this dating business. it's so... annoying. looking for signals, gauging sanity and responsibility, trying to figure out levels of attraction, etc. STUPID. just like the last time, we had good conversation, made each other laugh, and discovered that we have a common acquaintance. he's a great listener when i tell stories about my kids which is a SUPER plus, and once again we ran into some of his friends at the restaurant. since this happened last time, there are two possible conclusions to be made:
1) it's a set-up to make him look good (although last night his couple friends were with their parents, so that's a bit of a stretch)
2) he's a likeable guy that knows a lot of people
i prefer to go with door #2. good sign. part of this whole internet set-up has left me very wary to trust him completely... remember that news story about the man who lied to his wife about his career and education? i'll look for a link when i get home. anyway, yes i'm being paranoid but i think i damned well better be.

bottom line: i don't find him unattractive and i definitely think he's a cool guy, but i'm not feeling a monstrous physical attraction. do i wait it out? the last two guys i dated were no Brad Pitts and i did not find myself particularly attracted to them physically. so i don't know. but there's a third date in the works, and my maestra friends tell me that date #3 means you're "dating". yeesh.

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