sábado, mayo 14, 2005



today was filled with chisme. and teacher bitchery. at school, after school with a friend, then at night at a party filled with teachers and future teachers. i officially know three people that will be in teach for america in the fall. thoughts on this program? as a former americorps member i have very strong anti-TFA sentiments, but before i hop on my soapbox i thought i'd open this up to you guys first. moreover, i'm going out of town in six hours so you can keep things hopping in the comments while i'm gone. or not. lo que sea. i'll be visiting buddy holly's hometown, don't be jealous!

At Offspring's school, I asked one of the teachers if she was ready for summer. She said that she started in the middle of the year last year, so she was only 1/2 exhausted. This year, she is all the way exhausted. She looked it, too.
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