lunes, mayo 16, 2005



the only thing that can ruin an otherwise great day off is coming to school at the end of the day for a meeting to find out that your room is A PINCHE DESMADRE. the tables were literally covered with papers, shit was rearranged, *my* desk was covered with all kinds of shit that totally didn't belong on it, namely off-limits toys and treats, kids were going through my caja de tesoro (which is ONLY to be opened para la rifa los viernes, they fucking KNOW this), AND they were watching a random movie.

once again, it is quite impressive how well i handle anger these days. i simply asked for two volunteers, instructed them that they were in charge of assuring that no one left until the classroom looked how it SHOULD, then said "nos vemos". little do they know we are having one of my now notorious "tenemos que hablar" moments first thing tomorrow morning, and we will be spending their quiet reading or activity time making sure that every little last damned thing is back in its proper place tomorrow. perhaps i never mentioned that i'm anal-retentive about my room?

para la maestras que enseñan en mi distrito: i plan on giving each of you this substitute idiot's name and ID number. it's all about the BLACKBALLING from here on out.

y sabes qué?

QUEDAN SIETE DIAS MAS. insert grito here. we're spending the rest of the week practicing our routine for friday's school dance. i decided this afternoon that the whole first grade will be performing "jump in the line (shake shake senora)". it will be fabulous. i will make them dance with more empty threats of taking away their popsicle party. mwahahaha. who's yo' maestra?

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