martes, mayo 31, 2005


mi obra

i'm working on uploading all my unsigned paintings (my anonymity is slowly dwindling but whatever) onto my flickr site, but for now you can check out one of the two paintings i submitted for sale at a major art show this summer. it's called el colás and we decided to price it at $215. i decided to leave all pricing up to my best friend. the numbers seem totally arbitrary but she's putting into account the size of the work, work hours, other people's prices, etc. i think just to be a smartass i'll start pricing things at odd numbers like $67.94 and $312.08. but first let's see if these two pieces sell. wish me luck!

WOWZA!!! You've got some major talent up your sleeve! Thank you so much for sharing these; they're beautiful. I love them all, but I'm really partial to the Catedral one. There's something magical about it. I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you. I'm so excited!
I agree with are very very talented. I was very impressed with all your work. I think you should have two full-time jobs so that you can put both your talents to use :)
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