sábado, mayo 28, 2005



back in the day, before i even thought about being a maestra, i used to do a little graphic design. mostly i worked for a well-known local musician doing web stuff, which later led to some t-shirt and album design plus some other random little projects. once i got into teaching, i abandoned all that and focused on the children. all my artistic efforts were devoted to educational materials. that was it.

after i became single in december for the first time in seven years, i started getting pretty bored and lonely. i decided to try my hand at painting again. i spent last summer in méxico and took a painting class with some pretty good results, but i didn't have access to the same mediums i used there, so i bought a bunch of acrylics and went to town. my degree of school-related stress determined how much time i was able to devote to painting, but i was able to crank out several good pieces in the last few months.

today, that local musician's manager and i had brunch. since he was always a big fan of my work, i brought several paintings to show him today. his enthusiasm was exactly the boost i needed. in the last three hours, i have made a helluva lot of progress on three paintings that i will be submitting to a major art show in south texas in june. he's gonna try to get my work shown in stores/galleries in tucson and l.a. later in the summer. i'll have photos up later in the week. until then, la maestra is on hiatus while la artista tries to bust some ass.

that is so cool...I wanna see!
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