viernes, mayo 20, 2005



la maestra cannot handle friday happy hours. it's been a ridiculously long week and i'm about ready to pass out. please note, it is 7:48 pm.

first of all, in my mareada state, i'd like to say props to the mommies who are crazy and able to admit it. secondly, those of us who are less-than-perfect shouldn't have to apologize for it.

thirdly. i'm really starting to dig the staff at my school. we're undergoing a huge staffing change where lots of folks are moving grade levels. the first grade team is gonna kick ass because they're adding another bilingual teacher who i love. second grade is changing completely, and two of the new teachers include the best friend of the future first grade bilingual teacher (whom i also love, coincidentally) and my buddy who supposedly got me my job. nice to work in a wing with people you like and are chummy with. by the time i made it to happy hour, it was just those folks and my favorite fifth grade teacher. a couple more cool folks showed up and then the principal, who is surprisingly cool outside of work. yay for good co-workers! after a long talk with mh and reading megan's blog, i realize that i'm pretty lucky.

fourthly... i think i intended to make a list of some sort when i first signed into blogger but now i'm intensely sleepy. goodnight.

I'm happy to hear that your ending days are turning out just fine, but more happy that next year sounds like it'll be great for you! I'm jealous, I admit it.

I haven't had time until today to catch up on your blog, so I just did some backreading. Whoever emailed you to chew you out can suck donkey balls. I love your blog; it is one of my absolute favorites. Bitch away, girl, 'cause I'm right there with you! (And I totally agree about posting lesson plans...that's the last thing in the world I want to do after a day of teaching! But God bless those who take the time since I'm too lazy/selfish!) :)
Wow. You're selling out! I cannot believe it! You actually like your co-workers. What is this world coming to?! Just kidding. It is cool to read that everything is falling in place for you at your escuelita.
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