jueves, mayo 12, 2005


what the hell is going on

some dude selling paletas just rolled his cart by my house. i live in a 95% anglo neighborhood on the side of town with the least number of hispanics. weirdness.

yesterday a friend and i witnessed a lady brushing her teeth as she drove during rush hour. by the way, she did not spit. BLECH.

it is may in texas. why isn't it ridiculously hot yet? furthermore, since it IS so damned mild, why do so many men still find it appropriate to drive around shirtless? no thank you.

my kids are going absolutely fucking bonkers. it is amazing how calm i manage to stay when i'm furious with them. how easy it is for me to ignore the crybabies. how important it is that there are NINE DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL.

and i decided that in those nine days, i will hold a popsicle and pajama parties over their heads to keep them in check. and we will study bugs, because i feel like it. and that will involve a good deal of movie-watching. and we will measure bookshelves because they need to be moved, and students with excellent behavior will get the privilege of helping me rearrange furniture while the others do worksheets out of their texts.

oooh, i almost forgot! the pisser came back today after his one day suspension. he had stellar behavior all morning, and after we got to the playground i had a talk with him about what he had to do to have recess privileges for the rest of the school year. we laid down the rules and we shook hands. then two minutes later a kid runs up to me and says he spit on another students's head.

it's all going downhill, folks.

Tus clases terminan en mayo??? Cuando empiezan??? I thought elem. schools ended in June...
all the big school districts begin in mid-to late-august and end at the end of may. gives us at least two week of vacation. FABULOUS!

y sabes qué? la maestra ya está mareada y son las OCHO!
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