martes, junio 07, 2005


fix #3

i have become a lazy bum. yesterday and today i came home, fixed myself a huge lunch which i ate while watching death to smoochy, then took a longass nap. right now i'm at the library where i renewed books about orozco and rivera. i have ten minutes left at this workstation.

i found this over at megan's but nixed the stuff about my name, nicknames, and heritage (cause they are dead giveaways):

3 physical things I like about myself: my hair, my ghetto booty, my eyes

3 things I am wearing right now: purple tank top, jeans, flip flops

3 favorite bands/musical artists: aterciopelados, cafe tacuba, pearl jam

3 favorite songs: "baba o'riley" by the who, "yellow ledbetter" by pearl jam, "el album" by aterciopelados

3 things I want in a relationship: trust, honesty, laughter

3 things about the preferred sex that appeal to me: humor, confidence, artistic ability

3 favorite hobbies: reading, dancing, singing to myself and my kitties =P

3 things I want to do badly right now: have a computer that works, watch the angelina jolie interview on dateline, have someone make me dinner

3 things that scare me: junebugs flying in my mouth, things poking me in the eye, and being burned by people's cigarettes at bars/clubs

3 of my everyday essentials: hairclaw, cell phone, dr. pepper lip gloss

3 careers you have considered or are considering: artista, cantante, chef

3 places you want to go on vacation: mexico, spain, thailand

3 kids' names you like: Omar, Nevin and Larissa

OUT OF TIME! To be continued...

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