martes, junio 28, 2005


i love...

1. opera man and the culps on saturday night live
2. "sueño (dream: eve before adam)" by alfredo arreguin. click on the links below the painting to see the amazing details.
3. anything mocha-flavored
4. my cousins
5. good mexican food. i mean, GOOD mexican food. i don't like peas or carrots in my spanish rice, i prefer black beans over pinto, i like my corn tortillas capable of rolling without cracking, my horchata super cinnamony, and my tres leches oozing. y toda la comida picante, por supuesto.
6. good chinese food. chinatown style, no forks allowed. pan fried noodles, mmm.
7. good indian food. seekh kabob, chicken biryani, spinach pakora, aloo pouri, meatballs, piping hot naan, and kheer with the perfect consistency so as to not drip off your spoon.
8. kissing. i think too many guys go overboard with the tongue thing, "harpoon-style" as a friend said not too long ago. otherwise... slow, frantic, eyes open or closed, in the dark or in broad daylight, alone or in a crowd, on the mouth or elsewhere, expected or not, kissing is grrrreat.
9. eye makeup, nail polish & lip gloss. my girly guilty pleasures. i don't blow dry my hair or own a lot of perfume, but i do indulge in a wide assortment of the aforementioned accoutrements.
10. alliteration =P
11. orchids. otherwise flowers bore me.
12. my kitties, they make living alone bearable
13. music. no details necessary.
14. the floral designs found in mughal art & architecture
15. getting text messages
16. getting letters in the mail
17. recommended reading & listening
18. people who can use the words "existentialist", "arbitrary", "fuck" and "dude" in a sentence that makes perfect sense
19. people who don't make excuses & always put forth their best effort
20. dimples

east coast, here i come. blogeros y blogeras, what do YOU love?

..the question is..what kind of tortillas? I love birria!
i LOVE birria (jalisco style). i used to get one goat for my birthday every year when i was a birria ever! good choice, sir.
1.waking up late
2.different perfumes (so I can choose depending on my mood)
3. MY MOM's enchiladas, pozole and chiles rellenos (nunca he probado alguno que le llegue ni a los talones)
4.listening to mariachis
5. Promise not to tell anyone but...I love watching Saved by the Bell reruns...shhhhhh
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