viernes, junio 10, 2005


let me be honest

my laptop died AGAIN this morning so guess what i'm doing from school?

i am not a big fan of cleavage on fifth graders. maybe that's just me, cause mom obviously isn't bothered by it.

Que Horror!

Holy shit, this made me laugh. Wow, did I even have boobs in fifth grade?
yeah, *i* certainly did not have boobs in 5th grade, and EVEN IF I DID, i know my mother sure as hell would not have let me out of the house showing it off. when i student taught in 2nd grade, i had one little girl that seriously needed a training bra. i swear, they're putting crazy hormone shit in the milk!
I had plenty of cleavage in fifth grade and thought it was the Most Embarassing Thing Ever. The mother of that poor little girl is probably not going to be happy when she's a granny in three or four years.
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