domingo, junio 19, 2005



first things first: GO SPURS GO! but i'll admit it, g, this last game was a good one... but your boys are going to go DOWN once they set foot in texas! =P

at father's day lunch, i rambled for a good 40 minutes about teaching... i got my parents caught up on summer school anecdotes, end-of-the-year reflections, and a few choice funny kid stories. afterwards we stopped by target where i picked up a shelving unit that was on sale. my dad tried to convince me to buy the shelf with 8 compartments although i wanted the one with 9. while arguing why the 9-compartment unit was superior, i found myself slipping into teacher mode, pointing at dimensions and counting aloud. (shakes head) you can take the teacher out of the school...

since those anecdotes are still fresh in my mind, here are some of my favorite quotes from my first year teaching (+summer school):

  • "Yo tengo x-ray vision." (in response to my 5th grade students' doubts about my being able to see their minds at work)

  • "¡Se va a volver LOCA!" "She's going to go CRAZY!" (Ss response to my reaction to our perpetually leaking sink once it was accompanied by a leaking water fountain)

  • "Saaaaaaaaabes a chocolaaaaaaaaaaate..." (Ss immediately began to sing the Kumbia Kings song anytime i said the word "chocolate")

  • (from 2 different students, before i could get a word in edgewise) "Maestra, ¿cuándo te casas?" "¡NUNCA!" "Teacher, when are you getting married?" "NEVER!"

  • "¡Estamos perdiendo NUESTRO tiempo!" "We're wasting OUR time!" (often heard being hissed by Ss in line as they waited for permission to go to recess... after seeing a crappy line for a few minutes, i'd usually plop myself on a table and eat cookies or something while shrugging and nonchalantly saying that they weren't wasting my time, so they could take as long as they needed to line up properly)

  • "Necesito un clipex." I need a kleepex. (my kids are English language learners and apparently don't know any other word for tissue other than "Kleenex"... or some variation of it)

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