miércoles, junio 15, 2005


outta there!

people have been coming in and out of my room since school started, so today i thought nothing of it when the principal, a reading mentor, and another random lady walked in. i gave them my schpiel about what the students were doing and what it was for, then they left a few minutes later. on my way into the office to make copies at lunch, i saw my friend (the other 5th bilingual math teacher) talking to the principal. the principal motioned for me to come over and informed me that, as she had already told my friend, our classes were going to be combined due to low numbers (another student in my friend's class left). consequently, one of us would have to move immediately to another school across town where a bilingual class was over capacity. starting tomorrow morning, 7:30 a.m. zero prep time, no time for additional testing and certainly no paid time to stay late getting caught up and up to speed with the students' needs. and we had 45 minutes to decide who was going. after a short chat with my friend, i decided that instead of being placed in an undeniably shitty and stressful situation, i'd rather just start my vacation early. so i quit (after verifying with the principal that it wouldnt make me look bad!).

i typed all of the above an hour and a half ago, but have been interrupted by half a dozen phone calls. i'm suddenly making a visit to dallas next week before i head to the northeast for my godson's baptism at the end of the month. ladies and gentlemen, my vacation is officially in full swing. YEE HAW!

Congratulations! Sometimes knowing when to stop the fight is the best thing you can do for yourself. Have fun on vacation!

you are my idol. i'm glad you know when to say "when."

Have fun!
Oh, I don't even know you, but just reading this post makes me feel relieved. Enjoy yourself.
This that not so typical of education? And they wonder why the morale is low and so many quit within the first 5 years. Best of luck finding a position worthy of you in the fall - which if the bilingual teacher shortage is anything like ours won't be difficult.
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