domingo, junio 26, 2005



Howdy folks! I've had a great week... traveled to three major texas cities in the last six days and had a blast in each of 'em. First things first:

The Art Show Premiere: I'm beginning to think I'm not cut out for these things. My friend and I arrived totally overdressed (picture it: satiny black halter, white skirt, killer black heels... and everyone there was wearing shorts and flip flops like they were at a neighborhood picnic), so we u-turned and did a mad dash to the nearest mall so we could look a little less formal. When we got back there weren't a whole lot of people there, so we did some leisurely browsing and drinking as we looked for my pieces and checked out the other stuff. There are 147 artists in the show including myself, and the range was pretty standard: some amateurish, "I could do that in my sleep" stuff along with some fantastic work by world-famous artists (more of the former than the latter, though). I did a little schmoozing, but mostly I walked around feeling like I was in middle school again.

However... Just as we spotted "El jarabe", a lady walked by it and exclaimed "Cool!" "El colás" was located in the biggest showing room with some of the show's best pieces, so that was a good sign, and of the three 5x7 donation pieces I submitted, one had already sold before night's end. So even if I don't necessarily fit in with the artist crowd, my work speaks for itself. YAY!

My pieces in the show (I only have one photo of the donation pieces, and it's still on my camera):

This weekend I went with my parents to visit the city of my conception. We met up with their old friends who are way cooler than I ever expected. One of them owns a beautiful upscale Italian restaurant, where we were treated like royalty and ate some of the best food I've ever had. Mmm. Then in true Texan tradition, today we ate the shit out of some fantastic barbeque before heading home. Didn't see/attend the Spurs celebration in SA, but I was there in spirit! The next few days will be spent relaxing, reading, and painting before I head up to the East Coast for my godson's baptism. If you'd like to see more of my artwork, email me at and I'll set you up with a link to ALL of my stuff... completed paintings, works in progress, etc. My maestra flickr site only has work that is unsigned in order to preserve my anonymity.

I'll be in SA this weekend, so I'll make Miguelito take me downtown to check out your stuff and the festival :) Email me directions to get there. Thanks for going to the museum (I like actually looking at the stuff instead of just walking by it) and for being sooooo patient with my fam last week. But hey, at least Abue got you caught up on our life.
congrats! what do you use to make your work? are they paintings? or screen printed?
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