lunes, junio 06, 2005


tsk tsk

i'm being naughty and blogging from school... the chamacos are taking a practice TAKS test and i'm BORED. so far, it's hard to say whether i'll even continue teaching summer school because the numbers are so low. the class list i was given friday had me at 9 students, but when i called parents to remind them i found out one had moved. this morning everyone gathered in the cafeteria as the principal read out names... and only one student showed up. my friend who is teaching the other bilingual 5th grade math class (and had a list of 7 students friday) had two students, so we combined our classes for today. slowly more kids have shown up late so that now we have seven in total, but i've already spoken to the principal and volunteered to move or leave as needed... i don't really need the money and i wasn't planning on doing this anyway, so i'm good either way.

spanish materials were indeed here this morning, however the lesson plans are identical to those in english save for a few references to spanish texts (page numbers, etc.). the fun part: we only have the "updated spanish" lesson plans through the end of the week. of course!

these poor guys. subjected to tests all year long and now again in the summer. we don't even have time to be cordial and get to know them. so far they've been really good, pretty timid and quiet but better that than angry and unwilling to work. we may need to find room for a pep talk at the end of the day.

one more hour of testing to go. BLAH!

Blach! That sounds awful for you and the kids. Poor things.
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