miércoles, junio 08, 2005


welcome to america, nutjob!

tightening the border, my ASS. this man just looks out of his fucking mind.

thanks to j for lending me his laptop indefinitely so i can resume blogging in appropriate places. today was a good day.. my kids slowly but surely got the hang of tenths, hundredths and thousandths and their personalities are totally coming out, for better or for worse. some of my favorite snippets:

estudiante L: "Ud. es mexicana?"
la maestra: "No."
estudiante L: "No?!?"
la maestra: "No."
estudiante L: "COMO?"

estudiante R: "A está hablando de besos con lenguita!"

i made them cut out several pages worth of hundreds tables (the tiny base ten ones) and i have never heard so much moaning and groaning in my life. according to them, fifth graders never cut stuff out nor color... "¡puro estudiar!", they claim. sadly, it seems like they hadn't studied quite enough. silly me, i thought some cutting-out time would be a nice break from all the tests, warm-ups, and TAKS practices!

three things continued:

3 things you want to do before you die: fall in love again, have some kiddos, be a rockin' grandma!

3 ways I am stereotypically a boy: I am more likely to have soda and beer in my fridge than fruits or vegetables (although currently i'm about even on both); i can park parallel without breaking a sweat and often will circle downtown 20 times looking for a free parking spot; i like building furniture and would love to learn how to weld.

3 ways I am stereotypically a girl: my nails are always painted; i own a million pairs of shoes; i can bake and decorate cakes like nobody's business!

3 celebrity crushes: Brad Pitt, Alejandro Fernández & Benjamin Bratt

Damnit, I meant to list Benjamin Bratt too! I love him, he's so beautiful. *drool*

D'oh! I also forgot Jon Stewart since I love funny guys. Oh well.

I thought I saw somewhere that you knit, is that right? I just bought a "teach yourself to knit" kit and thought I'd ask for pointer. Of course, here in SoCal there aren't many opportunities to wear knitted things, but I don't care. :)
oooh i've been in love with jon stewart for going on ten years... he's the dreamiest of comedians as far as i'm concerned. i remember some hemorrhoid skit he did long, long ago on a comedy central special that won my heart.

mary knits, not i. i own a sewing machine that has been gathering dust for over a year now. i had great dreams of making my own clothes and sewing little stuffed monsters and plastic classroom charts, but i'm too stupid to calmly handle it when the thread gets messed up.
Benjamin Bratt - yum!
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