jueves, junio 09, 2005


yes, i'm an asshole

tonight we had "back to school" night for summer school. more like "still in school" night. the lady that did the spanish translation did a HORRENDOUS job, and apparently saw me and my friend snickering at her spanglish and false cognates. first of all, if you don't know the word for "tag", "hall", "sticker" or "shared reading", circumfuckinglocute, don't say it in english... the point of translation is to communicate with those that don't speak english, remember? or you could ask one of the five bilingual teachers sitting in front of you. secondly, "atender" does not mean "to attend." thirdly, translate the gist of everything, not just the first or last few sentences. thanks.

so i'm not being fired, despite my increasingly low numbers. we have 12 days left to stuff nearly a year's worth of math into these kiddos' heads. daunting is an understatement... PLUS my kids are a day behind! hijole. i'm trying to make things more student-oriented. i figure, they've been subjected to teacher-led instruction for a year and still haven't gotten it, so they should just get their hands dirty and hear from their peers about alternate strategies and ways of thinking.

what i'm most excited about for the next two weeks: the constant uncertainty of whether or not i'll have any materials in spanish. as of monday, i'll have nothing unless my facilitator has inspired a miracle within the district.

Oh I would have gone completamente loca if I were there. My first job was as a hotel housekeeper, and my boss tried to run the daily memos through one of those computer translators to communicate with the spanish-speaking employees. Not only was it bad because she couldn't spell, it also (a) didn't translate the housekeeping terminology and (b) had absolutely no sense of correct grammar. The spanish speakers said that the english translation was easier to read!!!
I ended up telling the boss that if she wants to help the spanish-speaking workers, she should ask one of the bilingual folks to help her out.
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