viernes, junio 24, 2005


zoom zoom zoom

i totally don't have time to blog, but i haven't touched a computer since monday and i'm starting to go through withdrawal. rapid-fire summary of my last four days:
  • my friends ROCK! i spent the last three nights with my honorary little sister, my favorite college roommate, and another college buddy who went through the student teaching sequence with me. we watched our spurs bring it back, ate lots of yummy food, had great conversation, saw some movies, and i now have a picture of an ACTUAL picasso painting on my camera-phone (i once thought they were excessive pieces of technology.. i shall bitch no more!)

  • one of my friends now works at an autism treatment center. she informed me that the national incidence of autism among children is 1 in 166. that number is absolutely astounding. apparently it's much worse in the rio grande valley. she suggested an article in that i don't have time to find right now, but once i've got it i'll be sure to post a link.

  • nothing like some old-school p.m. dawn to make a long car ride by yourself fly by!

  • tonight is the premiere party of the art show my work is in. some world-renowned artists will be there and that intimidates the shit out of me. i think i may need a few margaritas beforehand. bueno, back on the road!

    Congrats you Spurs fan! It was a great great series...I hope they meet again next year! BTW did you take part in the celebration o que?
    Hope the party went well.
    Your art? Will you post some pics? Let us know how it went!
    I hope the party went well! Let us know when you get a chance. I hope you sell LOTS of paintings!
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