lunes, julio 11, 2005


back to the grind

i had the first of several professional development sessions today, meaning summer is almost over for esta maestra. as always, today's workshop was filled with talkative teachers who couldn't help but share endless anecdotes, ask questions whose answers we had already discussed, and make stupid observations. we're all teachers, folks, no need to state the painfully obvious. i'm not there to hear a million life stories, i'm there to learn stuff to use in the classroom from the designated trainer. thanks.

i'm watching the second half of oprah's interview with brooke shields. i think tom cruise is out of his damned mind. first of all, katie holmes annoys the crap out of me (and this i say while admitting i liked dawson's creek). secondly, i don't think men --aside from doctors and research scientists-- have any place telling women how to deal with postpartum depression. at least not in the way that cruise has done. i read an article about scientology and i think it's a bunch of hooey. so, in conclusion, i will not be seeing war of the worlds.

sorry, feeling a little bitchy. rumor is we've hit the 3-digit mark today and i think the blistering heat is making me particularly cranky.

shout outs to the teachers and civilians who made it out to the closing of the art show and to my little pachanga. good times. next time we party, no talk about blogs whatsoever! =P

Hope you are cooling off and less cranky. Yes, I agree Katie Holmes is annoying. What art show? You said the P word - PACHANGA one of my favorite words next to Sangria. Enjoy your blog.
So you just gotta tell me what it is that you do during these professional development days!!!
the 100+ degree heat forced a rainstorm, so my evening got much better, thanks! the art show i mentioned is described here. la maestra es una artista también. pues... más o menos.
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