miércoles, julio 27, 2005


ding dong, the witch is gone

the former 1st grade team leader who thought she was the boss of me is LEAVING LEAVING LEAVING. oh happy day!

i have decided to be industrious (why i chose to use that word, i have no idea) and instead of doing my word wall on butcher paper again, i have begun to cover my extensive chalkboard space with magnetic paint. this stuff is very tricky... you have to mix it very, very well to get all the ions... going, or whatever it is that ions need to get good and magnetic. then you have to put on a bazillion layers so that your magnets actually stick. my plan is to just use the entire can. the stuff's expensive... i used a 40% off coupon, but normally it runs $13 for less than a quart. and it's a rather boring gray color. so once i've done my bazillion layers of painting, i'll treat myself to a few extra layers of sour apple green paint just to kick it up a notch. hopefully i'll be in first-grade (and in the same room) long enough to validate all this work and preparation. wouldn't it be funny if next year i looped with my kids? i'm laughing already.

i'm thinking friday i'll take some pictures of my set-up to be posted online for A LIMITED TIME ONLY. just so you guys get a feel for how kooky i am (my library organizational system has undergone half a dozen changes in the last two weeks alone). i actually drew/mapped out my classroom last week and i'm kind of pissed that i didn't think to draw it to scale and now i'm suffering the consequences. i'm sure therapy exists for people like me =P

That magnetic paint is such a great idea!! Much love for ya! I am so going to steal your idea!!!
I can't wait to hear how the magnetic paint turns out. I have two long chalkboards in my room, and one is for my word wall - but I put my words up with scotch tape. Blech. I'd love to make it magnetic. Post pics when it's all done!
Hi there. My name is Christine. Can you give a future teacher some advice? I have decided on bilingual education but I can't decide on EC-4 or 4-8. I was wondering if you have any insights. I'm having a terrible time making up my mind! Ha! Love your blog!
in (texas) reality, there's not really such a thing as 4-8 bilingual ed... it's all about transitioning to english immediately at that point, so it's more like ESL. in fact, most tx schools end their bil. ed. programs by 5th. i'm very happy with EC-4, but i also did a short stint as a middle school Spanish teacher and i LOVED it. and i mean LOVED it. i'm happy in first grade but i have a feeling i'll want to be with the older kids in a few years... do observations, figure out what kind of schedule and stress level you'd like, and that might help your decision. plus, once you get certified you can always take another test to be all-level.
Thanks for the info! I guess I'll stick to EC-4 then!
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