lunes, julio 25, 2005


the end is nigh

i've been spending increasingly less time on my computer while trying to take advantage of the last few precious weeks of summer. although i'll be going to school later today to get the keys for my classroom to slowly begin set-up, i need to definitely continue to socialize and spend quality time with friends and rearranging the house. i did some massive cleaning and laundry this weekend as well as began the much-put-off task of redoing my bedroom and living room (all the stuff's been purchased, it's just a matter of putting curtains/furniture/etc in their place and getting rid of all the extra crap).

on the schedule for this week:
  • get my annual physical exam. i think that includes a pap smear... good times.

  • get new glasses that will withstand student attacks, accidental or otherwise.

  • find good bilingual subs for the upcoming schoolyear. you know who you are... since i'm trying to be anonymous, you don't need to comment, just get signed up and lemme know your sub number so i can get you some jobs =)

  • organize my classroom library.

  • drink & dance

  • go toobing, crazy texas summer weather permitting.

  • i met up with el viejito (the 34-yr-old) briefly on thursday night... he got my number and we ended up having some miscommunication later in the night so we didn't see each other again. he's been out of town but has text messaged me and shall be back late tonight. let's see if this goes anywhere. i'm not looking for love, but i do think this guy would be a helluva lot of fun and i sure could use that right now.

    Drink and dance would be on top of my list.
    Does Mr. 34 yr. old have a single friend in CA for me? I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

    Now, your homework for tonight is to go out and get crazy since I have to work tomorrow! Do it for your fellow teachers!
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