jueves, julio 21, 2005


la borracha

i woke up super cruda this morning. last night was great, i danced, drank, and ran into a surprising number of friends and acquaintances. gory details will be disclosed on the personal blog.

this morning i woke up at 6 am to vomit. i think i had 5 or 6 beers, but i guess because i'm petite and my body's aging rapidly i just can't hang anymore? it's pretty sad. i dragged myself out of bed and got ready for training but when my carpool buddies knocked on the door, i know i looked like hell. we stopped for tacos on the way, and my stupid hungover ass left the car keys in the ignition. five minutes later, after we were already seated, i freaked out when i didn't see my keys then thanked my lucky stars no one stole my car. i thanked my stars again a little while later when we got 6 breakfast tacos for $4. gotta love texas.

training was mind-numbing since we were "instructed" on using the district's new soon-to-be-but-not-actually-adopted-just-yet ESL materials. after the morning's two-hour training, my friend and i decided that enough was enough... after lunch, we went school supply shopping and got our nails done. then we came back for cookies and the closing session, so as not to be completely irresponsible. to justify ourselves a little bit, you have to realize that the annoying anecdote lady from last week's reading training was in our classroom and brought samples of student work... not that there was any need or request for her to do so, she just likes to brag and bring up things that are completely irrelevant.

so my nails are done, teacher-related stress has been lifted, and i'm gonna go see about a boy tonight... well, a man actually... you think 34 is too old for me? (i'm ten years younger)

First of all, I snorted when I read about you getting your nails done during your training time. Classic.

Second, I didn't realize you're only 24. God I feel old.

Third, apparently I like listing things out with numbers.

Fourth, can I get a link to your personal blog, or is it too personal? I like to keep up on what the young people do nowadays. ;)
I agree with Daily Texican...34 is too old!!!
Not too old. Men mature way slower than women. At least go out with him for mature conversation a few times. :o)
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