sábado, julio 16, 2005


la fortuna

art-wise: i've seen some grrreat stuff the last few days... woodcuts, paintings, stuff that blows my mind. i'd link but it would give away my location, so if you're interested, just email me at ahoravamosacontar@yahoo.com.

work-wise: next week, i've got math and bilingual training. the 4-day reading training i finished last week was painful, but luckily i spent most of it chatting (i know, how rude) so i was able to block out the anecdote-sharing idiots and know-it-alls. friday was a blissful day off, although i did talk to the 2nd grade teacher who will be having my old class about my discipline strategies and how excited i am about their writing potential.

music-wise: i saw a funk band thurs and a conjunto legend fri. the former bored me and the latter rocked the house, and my kindly gentlemen friends taught me some moves. good times.

otherwise: as i was bent over painting some canvases, my mother asked, "are those your real boobs?" "yup." "let me see." my family may be crazy, but we're all celebrating my breasts finally getting bigger. upon further inspection, she said "well, good for you!"

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