sábado, julio 16, 2005


no mames

you know how on msn messenger you can give yourself nicknames of an absurd length? i generally don't use msn, but all my peeps in mexico do, so when i go to my parents' house it automatically logs me in. the current nickname of my ex-novio:
"no es ninguna aberracion sexual pero me gusta verte andar en cueros"

CLASSY. do i know how to pick 'em or what?

i don't understand that much spanish. ¿Qué dijo él?
"it's not a sexual aberration (perversion) but i like i to see you (walking around) NEKKED"

btw, good use of accents!
Sometimes you can not even read what they are typing so long their nicks are.

The "no mames" title had me laughing real hard.
...someone likes Arjona :)
he's totally obsessed. which you may infer to mean he's a total drama queen. which he IS.
que dijo el? (notice the lack of accents and the absence of the upside down question mark!)
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