jueves, julio 14, 2005


no mommies way

(the title of this post is a carlos mencia reference... think about it!)

it's sad when you take time out of a training to have someone show the roomful of teachers the bags of goodies she purchased at the dollar store. but it's sadder still when she pulls out a set of alphabet sponges that she got for just ninety-nine cents and the whole room oohs and aahs.

last night's mini-dinner party was a success. as i stood at the kitchen counter chopping and peeling, i realized how much i miss entertaining and having friends over... stuff i did all the time when i was in a relationship. the final menu was tacos de papa, frijoles negros, arroz, sauteed zucchini and mushrooms, and lemon mousse cheesecake. later i went to an art show of sorts... i saw some cool stuff, some weird stuff, and some stupid stuff. i ran into one of the few old artist friends i have.

correction: i have a terrible memory. r did not suggest that i make my art more "white people-friendly", but rather that she thinks my art is "white people-friendly" and should appeal to everyone. my apologies!

I want some of those alphabet sponges!


Dinner sounds good, now I am craving sauteed zucchini and mushrooms.
I'm definitely not an artist (my students laugh at me when I draw on the board). But, I'm curious...do you see your art as an expression for you or as a message for the audience?
i didn't say your art should be more "white people friendly"!!!
I've never tried sauteed zucchinis but I think that they would taste good with mushrooms...yum yum.
Anyhow, maybe "R" has a valid point. I think she was referring to finding a balance between art that fulfills you and allows you to grow and art that will allow you to pocket some verdes. I don't think it is "selling out." Just think of it as what musicians do.
I had to think about it for a while and i barely realized what the title meant...ay que tonto!
Maybe it's been too long since I've seen Carlos, cuz I don't get it. Love him, though!
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