jueves, julio 07, 2005


reading & rocking

yesterday i was at two airports for about 6 hours total. i went a little crazy, this is true, but i also got a lot of reading done. on my way up north i read the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon. apparently it's a best-seller and, as amazon describes it, a murder mystery of sorts told by an autistic boy. it was a quick read and makes for a very appropriate gift for my 14-yr old cousin. hopefully it will make up for the time i took her to see vanilla sky and ended up covering her ears and eyes half the movie. yesterday i ploughed through most of the dark bride by laura restrepo. i wish i had read it in spanish, but alas, i'm lazy and don't like to bring dictionaries when i travel. not too bad... i actually picked it up solely because both isabel allende and gabriel garcía márquez wrote reviews for it, but it's definitely not comparable to either of their work. it's a fictional account of a journalist's attempt to uncover the past of a famous colombian prostitute.

now i'm back at my parents' house to see them off on their trip to france tomorrow... last night i made a list of art-related things that my mother must buy me. it's quite detailed and extensive. since my parents don't speak french it will be a wonder if i get anything at all. they're going to visit my aunt, who is a nun in lourdes and will be leaving france in the fall to return to a convent in rome.

speaking of my family, i finally have pictures up! this is the little kiddo that wore me out for the last week:

and this is my adorable godson:

OMG, my uterus just skipped a beat. Such. Cute. Kids.
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