martes, julio 19, 2005


throwing elbows

teachers never cease to amaze me.

we've always been told that, as bilingual teachers, there is no money. for us, for our kids, for our materials... you name it, there's no money for it. so imagine my (and the other attendees') surprise when we discovered that our three-day bilingual training includes breakfast and lunch all three days. we were impressed enough when we got free pens.

after our afternoon lecture, we were told that there were free books awaiting us outside the auditorium. as i waited patiently in line to exit, i was shoved and cut in front of various times by teachers who were under the impression that these free books were extremely limited and had to be ripped off the table immediately. strike one.

after several failed attempts to reach in front of me to get a damned book, i finally grabbed a copy and made my way to my friends who had watched the craziness ensue. we decided to stop by the cafeteria where they had free snacks. hell yeah. like good little schoolteachers, we leisurely worked our way toward the door until we found ourselves at the end of the snack line. and there we waited patiently, pleasantly surprised by even more free food.

cafeterias often have two doors. the line formed through the right-hand door. through the left-hand door stomped dozens of rude, hungry teachers who probably thought those of us in line were waiting to be spoon-fed. they cut in front of us, grabbed several cookies, and sat down together to plot more ways to infuriate those of us who try to maintain certain levels of decency and respect. i was probably about 35-40 people into the line, which by this point was probably close to 120 people or so. by the time i got to the cookies, there were less than 10 left. all the other folks behind me got nothing. strike two.

tomorrow, if the asshole teachers are back in full force, i'm gonna start sticking my leg out and tripping their greedy asses. this is fucking ridiculous.

I agree-- we teachers love us some free stuff! I was at a math training recently where we were using little folding rulers that could measure angles. I told one of the presenters how cool I thought the rulers were, and asked if we could keep them. She said no, so I pocketed one anyways. Later, I felt really pathetic when she walked over and gave me one.

And yes, of course you can link to my post on spending money for the classroom. Anytime!
And I'm supposed to send my children to be "educated" by those teachers?

Suddenly home schooling looks like a viable option.
Oh, it's the system that makes us this way! I never would turn down anything free, but cutting in line just ain't my style.
N didn't you learn from your boy Bruce Bowen..have one of your teacher friends set an illegal screen and rotate to the front of the line!
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