lunes, agosto 29, 2005


bueno pues

i know i don't post anymore... blame it on utter teaching bliss and a much-improved social life. i have 13 students, one of whom claims he will be leaving tomorrow, and the rest of which would compose a near-perfect class. i hate my school's new ESL curriculum, but that aside, my lessons have been loosely planned and generally well-executed given that i leave plenty of room for adaptation and my crazy "oooh, wait, no let's read this great book instead!" whims. i went to the public library today to return some videos and ended up leaving with over a dozen children's books, two audio tapes with books, and two new videos. i am a serious children's lit FREAK. anyway, seems like there's little time for blogging these days, but i'm sure it'll pick up if/when things start to get annoying and/or frustrating. i did all of my beginning-of-year testing in THREE DAYS, while showing minimal movies and making sure the kids were on track with the lg. arts and math curriculum. i'm getting awfully good at this juggling shit, but then again, my small numbers sure helped.

so yeah. not a lot to talk about. i have, however, been going music crazy. i am a total child of the 90s, so yesterday i bought 2 cornershop CDs, a bjork album, Café Tacuba Unplugged, and a José Alfredo Jimenez CD. i've been jamming out to Tori Amos and 10,000 Maniacs in the car. a friend loaned me Damian Rice and Thievery Corporation albums and they're not too shabby, but i just can't get over my obsession with music that was popular ten years ago.

OOH! and i sold three paintings last week and will be submitting work to two shows in october. see? i TOLD you i've been busy!

hope everyone else's years are off to a great start. and i hope the texas legislature gets its shit together sometime before i RETIRE.

Hi there-Im a columnist at the NY Sun and Im writing a story on teachers who are bloggers. Would love to talk to you--could you please email me with contact info? all best, Lauren Mechling
What Cornershop CDs did you get? My favorite used to be When I Was Born for the 7th Time, but I fucking love Woman's Gotta Have It and Hold On, It Hurts they're mas rock than dance (like Handcream for a Generation)....I recommend "Born Disco, Died Heavy Metal" or "Roof Rack" and "Jansirm King."
Welcome to your second year teaching!! How or why do you have so few kids in your classroom? Are in you in a "public" or "private" school?
Have a wonderful school year!!

politics/ legislature- it's the same in CA : (

Jose Alfredo? That's drinking music para mal de amores!! Porque no invitas?
I love your approach to the crappy curriculum. Maybe I'll steal it. I'm probably ruining the envirnment with all the photocopying I do.

I teach ESL in NYC, and I often have the same problem.
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