viernes, agosto 05, 2005


flabbergasted by flattery

as i mentioned, for some weird reason my principal decided to have me mentor the new kinder bilingual teacher (this would be weird considering i have a whole 6 months of experience under my belt). at today's mentor/mentee luncheon, we all introduced ourselves. i mentioned how i started in january, so i wasn't new but certainly not a veteran, and my principal added, "She's an incredible teacher!" i would have been totally floored by the compliment if it weren't for one teeny tiny little detail...

she's never seen me teach.

texas has a professional appraisal system abbreviated PDAS wherein every teacher is assessed bi-annually by a designated supervisor on their campus. because my principal is not bilingual and our asst. principal is, my assessor is the asst. principal. now he's seen me in action many, many times, so it's quite likely that he's commented to the principal about me... but STILL. hard to accept something like that when there's no firsthand knowledge to back it up.

imagine how i react when a guy at a bar says i'm pretty!

more photos coming soon as my classroom comes together...

Entiendo lo q dices, pero si te hacen 1 cumplido,x algo debe ser, no? Disfrútalo! Slds.
This is random, but when your blog read "assessed bi-annually" I read "assaulted bi-annually."
Maybe she has been spying on you. Ya vez! Good job teach!
You have a mentor/mentee luncheon??? Man, I'm really missing out.
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