jueves, agosto 04, 2005


here, there, and everywhere

first of all, people are disgusting. my dad was in town and we had dinner at souper salad, an all-you-can-eat salad/soup/etc. bar. in addition to several folks who helped themselves to bread and pizza with their hands (provided tongs and spatulas be damned), there was one lady who was pigging out as she built her salad in line. BLECH. add this to the excesses that are already inherent in all-you-can-eat restaurants, and it makes me not wanna eat out for a long time.

there's a new male teacher at school, and all week long i've been dying to get a peek. i finally saw him walking by and he's got the 70s hippie rocker look going. weird.

i'm happy to say that i feel very comfortable with my co-workers and school staff. i'm no longer the new kid on the block and it feels GREAT. in fact, by some weird twist of fate, i'm actually mentoring a new teacher this year. AND, because we rotate team leaders, i'm up for the job next year. eek! my room is finally coming together, i'll try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow. i think it's gonna be a good year... but we'll see if next week's professional development changes my mind!

on a final note: i saw the triplets of belleville and hustle & flow this week. both are fabulous, check 'em out!

Triplets Rock! And perhaps, pretty soon you'll have this hipster subing your classes :P
We go to "Lettuce Souprise You" all the time. The last time we were there, we had a horrible experience with fellow patrons. One woman was accidentally spilling salad dressing from her tray all the way to her table from the salad bar. When she realized it, she began to clean things up. At that exact moment my boyfriend and I both got up and went to grab dessert. When we returned, the woman's tray was on top of my tray and she had traded her chair drenched in salad dressing for mine. We had been colonized.

It's weird how such a health-conscious restaurant can attract such gross behavior.
Chin! I'll remember not to taste my food before I leave the buffet line :(
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