martes, agosto 16, 2005


i'm still alive

just too exhausted to think coherently. in a fabulous twist of fate, i have the smallest class in first grade with fifteen students. someday, when i'm not at school for 12 hours, i might actually post about my new chamacos.

yay! glad you got a nice small class. is that still the case on day 2 of school?
Fifteen??? Damn. You are so lucky. Right now there are only 20 on my list, but we still have a few weeks before school starts, so we'll see.
You suck!!! :p I have 25 right now. I had 18 on my list before the first day, two didn't show up the first day, so I thought, "Lucky me!" BUT then 8 extra kids showed up for the first day of school and one more today! There's still some shifting to do, so we'll see. No me pueden dejar con tantos.
I can't wait to hear all about it!
How's everything going??? I hope well!
Yippee! I am in love with my small class sizes - though school hasn't even started yet! My smallest class is 8 students, and the largest is 12. I can't wait to hear what you've been doing!
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