domingo, agosto 07, 2005


makes magic happen

turns out all you need to make your classroom wonderful is a staple gun, measuring tape, colored duct tape, fun fabric, and a hard-working buddy.

...all other photos now available only to friends on flickr...

Your room looks awesome! Now I can't wait to go in and start setting mine up. And I LOVE the magnetic wall. I really think I might steal that idea.
Wow! It looks fabulous.
Fabric is a great idea! And I love those sea animals!
Dont' forget to add a cardigan trimeed with smiling apples and a dancing school bus!
Holy crap am I suddenly happy that I'm not an elementary teacher! What a lot of work, but boy oh boy does it look AMAZING! Wowza, I'm having you come to Cali to do my classroom!
Did you get the jumper with the multicultural children holding hands around the earth? :p ¡Tu salón se ve padre! Luego te mando fotos y no te enojes si te robo unas ideas :)
Your room looks incredible. I know it was a lot of work. What brand of magnetic paint did you use?
thanks for the room compliments and fantastic fashion advice =) abigail, i'll post tomorrow about the paint brand (gotta check the can and it's in my room), but i used the only liquid magnetic paint i could find. there is a spray version that krylon makes that they sell at home depot, but i'm told it's not very effective.
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