miércoles, septiembre 07, 2005


i am slowly going crazy

i love my class. i LOVE my class. my job would be totally perfect if administration was completely hands off and i could forget that they exist to make my life miserable.

oh, and if i made twice as much money. then my job would be totally perfect.

in the meantime, i have to count my blessings and lean hard on my many wonderful teacher buddies. you guys give me strength and resilience. thank you. i also have to be grateful that my students are such wonderful kids with tons of heart and pretty damned impressive work ethics. they are so good, i let them convince me to have a class pet. tomorrow, we will go pick out a dwarf hamster. they are from china and russia (dwarf hamsters, not my chamacos), which will give them great exposure to countries far, far away. they are living things, which will teach them about life, sickness, and (hopefully not anytime soon) death. they are fuzzy and cute, which will teach them that fuzzy cute dwarfy things are absolutely irresistable. and they stink when dirty, which will teach them that the teacher is leaving these fuzzy living foreigners' cleanliness in THEIR hands.

hey, i tried guppies last year and i hated it. we had a big talk and the kids said they'd do all the work if we got a hamster, so they better keep up with their end of the deal. my end was buying the supplies.. the rest is up to them!

there was a very well-dressed man on campus today who was telling teachers about ways to invest our retirement money. i was in love for awhile, it was a nice change from the maintenance man lying on his belly fixing the water fountain saying hi to me. not that i have a problem with maintenance men, it's just a pleasant surprise having a man in expensive pants with a palm pilot flirt with you instead.

oh my, i think i'm rambling. it's almost friday, it's almost friday...

A couple of years ago- 3rd grade classes had CRAYFISH!! Yep, LIVE crayfish for CA Science Standards!!

Our classes were involved with the crayfish- naming them, getting to know their own from the rest (6-8). Life, Procreation, & Death...

Nowadays, when I see "crayfish" on restaurant menus, I remember our numerous "pets" and order chicken instead.

I'm glad you're having such a great year so far!

I'm not even a teacher yet, and I'm already afraid of how I'm going to have to deal with the administration of whatever school I work at.
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