martes, septiembre 27, 2005


NEA, yikes!

i've been mentioned in an article with a potential reach so big i'm frightened. because brutal honesty does not go over well in a public forum... particularly when my boss has access to it. i thought i learned my lesson from dooce, but obviously my big mouth replaced all rational thought. not that i remember saying what i was quoted for (since i clearly DON'T blog as soon as i get home each day), nor doing an interview for them. lo que sea. point is, archives are gone indefinitely to protect the not-so-innocent. sorry, chimosos!

*re: my "R-rating" - mejor que diga todas las maldiciones en español para evitar ofendiendo la buena gente. para Uds. que me entienden sin traducción, qué opinan: ¿debo cambiar de sitio para quedarme anónima o no más borrar todos los detalles específicos? la verdad es que ahora estoy bien preocupada y ya no me siento cómoda echando toda mi vida escolar al público. ¡la ironía del internet!

yeahh, we just got our issue of neatoday, and i wanted to come on and check it out. coool
Hah! They said you get an R rating for language. Que mala.
fijate en mi nombre...
soy de las que seguido ha venido a leerte : )
si, yo también acabo de leer el articulo...
mi consejo es el siguiente-
si tu nombre y el nombre de tu escuela no está por ninguna parte, pues sigue aquí-
de otra manera, busca otro sitio para tu blog (y dejame saber donde para seguir visitandote)
por que si, lo que le pasó a Dooce es cosa "seria".


me imagino que vas a recibir MUCHOS comentarios!

un abrazo!
Congrats! o
Fuck it. Keep talking/writing like a sailor.
Comprendo, but I can't write Spanish well. I don't think the language is the issue - there is easily accessible machine translation for anyone who cares to use it. I'd love to tell you - stand up for free expression and say what you feel like, but I changed my own archives after Ivan Tribble's dratted column, so I am not one to talk.
most language translators are horrendous and don't do colloquialisms, so i'm not worried about that aspect. if someone cares enough about my rambles to have them translated, then they clearly WANT to know what is spewing from my filthy mouth, ¿no es cierto?
Yeah, I know about the translators and trouble with them, but all I'm saying is if someone wanted to understand the spewage, I'd worry that the reason was because they know you and might, therefore be offended at what you are saying.

But again, I worry more about this than some.
Quiero que escribas, pero I don’t want you to get in trouble. Así, no tengo ninguna proposición en que debes hacer. Even if you end up having to change something (location, privacy of level of the entries), keep writing somewhere. Me encanta leer tus cuentos.
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