viernes, septiembre 30, 2005



there's a lot of shit going on at school these days, but given the dramatic increase of hits to this blog (two sarcastic thumbs up to NEA for putting my anonymity in jeopardy) i don't feel comfortable spilling the beans... particularly because my hit counter has shown visits from people in my district. that annoyingness aside, i'd like to share two things that children from other classes told me today:

"My mom's gonna use her food stamps to buy me a horse. A real horse!"

"I like your brown thing." (referring to my dress)

my chamaco fresh from the rancho with no alphabet sounds mastered the letter o today. after he finished reading his book, me and my watery eyes had to walk out of the room to keep from crying in front of him. i love first grade. too bad politics may make this my last year teaching it.

Have a wonderful and relaxing fin de semana!

Un abrazo.

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Please say it aint so!! Are you considering leaving education?
leaving? well... my particular school has a lot of unfair and unrealistic expectations about the amount of personal time i should spend at work. they seem to have a high opinion of my work, but only "thank" me by asking me to take on more responsibilities. it's my second year, people, give me a break! so i'm considering leaving first grade after this year to return to middle school. i feel very torn, but ultimately i don't want to work in a place where i think i'm being taken advantage of. we'll see. it's only october.
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