sábado, septiembre 17, 2005


who knew?

apparently the pledge is unconstitutional. funny, the "under God" part always seemed so secular to me!

in other news, looks like we teachers aren't the only ones who are blogging about school life. if i'm talking shit about my administration, i wonder what their blogs have to say about me...

lastly, my favorite education news source joanne jacobs has a post about how some high schools try to appeal to the new generation of students that purportedly "puts leisure above the work ethic." madhatter, you may want to mention to your school board that lattes and pound cake help motivate students to do more research. maybe they can do a starbucks-style makeover and really turn your classroom into a true learning environment.

You probably know that the "Under God" part was added in the 1954 in order to sepearte us from those communists over in the USSR.
I have issues with the under God. I also have issues with pledging alligence to an image (whether it be symbolic or not). I pledge alligence to this country and making this country the best country it can be, but I do not pledge my alligence to an image (in this case a flag).
Food source as a motivation to get children to learn, to stay on task, and to return homework- YES, it works!!
Hey, I myself, wouldn't mind a "latté" waiting at my desk each morning! : )
An administrator's job- NOT for me!! Tienen que quedar bien con TODO mundo!

food is definitely one of my top five motivators. in fact, friday i promised polvorones in the colors of the mexican flag to everyone who passed their spelling test. how'd my chamacos do? better than ever before!
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