domingo, octubre 02, 2005


2 more reasons to take the GRE ASAP

1. you have to attend mind-numbing trainings "facilitated" by someone that attended summer trainings with you and spent the entire duration of that training reading a book and showing off her portfolio (i had a long post about her which paranoia will not allow me to link.. just think back to july when i bitched endlessly about annoying professional development). even worse, this person feels the need to circulate around the room making sure YOU are not lesson planning as they read things aloud to you verbatim... because we all know as teachers that the best method of instruction is pure regurgitation. furthermore, the training is drastically short of materials AND space, so you neither have access to any of the materials you are being trained to use nor can you see any of the video clips that are being shown. and of COURSE, the kicker: not a damned thing is in spanish, despite the fact that you certainly are not the only bilingual teacher in the room.

2. after-hours/weekend calls from administration can NEVER be good. let's face it, administration never takes the time to call you up just to say "Great job! We LOVE you!"

...if i hadn't made my identity obvious enough, i just dug myself in a little deeper. ah well.

and just to keep things R-rated:

have a great week. i assure you that mine will be lousier than yours.

lo siento por la gente odiosa con la que trabajas...
OK, so la semana started mal-
las cosas pueden mejorar... a la mejor te sacas la loteria y ya no tienes que trabajar!
Do you have the "lottery" in Texas?


i have pictures posted :)
maybe that will help cheer you up.
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