lunes, octubre 10, 2005


don't stress and drive

I have made the horrible mistake of taking defensive driving through an online course. But at least i'm "learning":

Stress is something most everyone experiences as part of daily life. We have all felt the pressure of busy schedules, deadlines at work, problems at home, bills to pay, and so on. When stress reaches extreme levels, it can seriously affect our physical and emotional state. Stress can cause adrenaline rushes, muscle tension, increased breathing and heart rates, sweaty palms, headaches, and extreme fatigue. All of these effects can impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle. You should avoid driving anytime you feel you are under high levels of stress. Because driving itself can cause stress, you should plan ahead of time to minimize the chances of getting stuck in stressful driving conditions such as rush hour or adverse weather. If driving to an appointment, always give yourself enough time so you do not find yourself rushing to get there. If traveling to an unfamiliar area, get directions and plan your route ahead of time.

Someone please forward the boldface sentence to my principal when i call in sick tomorrow because my driving to school is a public safety hazard.

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